National Technical Honor Society

National Technical Honor Society

National Technical Honor Society is designed to lift up students, who are excelling in career and technical education, and raise the bar for student achievement. Qualifications for NTHS include high academic achievement, outstanding attendance, good citizenship and leadership characteristics. Often, membership opens career and scholarship opportunities for Washburn Tech students.

Nominations for Fall 2018 are due by 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17. Instructors are encouraged to nominate their outstanding students, although students may also nominate themselves. Nominees must be graduating from their program this December. If you qualify, ask your instructor for an application!

Spring 2018

  • Gregory Abbott, Early Childhood Professional
  • Manuel Alvarez, Advanced Systems
  • Justin Atwood-Allison, Commercial & Heavy Construction
  • Lauren Barnhart, Medical Office Specialist
  • Cody Bayless, Auto Collision
  • Danyelle Brown, Surgical Technology
  • Adam Cantrell, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Conrad Castillo, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Sydnie Clark, Early Childhood Professional
  • Matthew Credeur, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Jared Cunningham, Advanced Systems
  • Lisa Dabney, Practical Nursing
  • Amy Davis, Early Childhood Professional
  • Lisa Fankhauser, Practical Nursing
  • Chris Gonzalez-Mejias, Advanced Systems
  • Kassandra Guerrero, Surgical Technology
  • Taylor Haid, Practical Nursing
  • Kaitlyn Heersink, Practical Nursing
  • Kailly Hernandez, Legal Office Professional
  • Alexis Howell, Practical Nursing
  • Shelly Howell, Practical Nursing
  • Santippica Killingsworth, Business Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Joy Koker, Early Childhood Professional
  • Genae Lagasse, Practical Nursing
  • Danielle Lehr, Culinary Arts
  • Aimee Lemmon, Early Childhood Professional
  • Toki Leonard, Early Childhood Professional
  • Matthew Madinger, Commercial & Heavy Construction
  • Jamie Mai, Legal Office Professional
  • Kristina Mercer, Early Childhood Professional
  • Tobin Meyer, Advanced Systems
  • Hannah Mitchell, Early Childhood Professional
  • Andrew Myers, Electrical Technology
  • Madison Nichols, Practical Nursing
  • Christopher Noland, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Greggory Noland, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Katrina O'Hara, Medical Office Specialist\
  • Charles Ortega, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Maria Palomares, Early Childhood Professional
  • Jamie Rosine, Surgical Technology
  • Richard Ross, Cabinet/Millwork
  • Steve Schoenberg, Commercial & Heavy Construction
  • William Self, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Ben Simpson, Climate and Energy Control
  • Kelsey Sober, Practical Nursing
  • Jonathan Sossoman, Business Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Ty Stephens, Early Childhood Professional
  • CoraLeigh Stover, Early Childhood Professional
  • Alyssa Thompson, Surgical Technology
  • Leilani Vediz, Legal Office Professional
  • Margaret Wilber, Early Childhood Professional
  • Dustin Williams, Computer Repair and Networking
  • Kenzie Young, Early Childhood Professional

Diane Stumpf, Advisor,
Office: 785.670.3448