National Technical Honor Society

National Technical Honor Society

National Technical Honor Society is designed to lift up students, who are excelling in career and technical education, and raise the bar for student achievement. Qualifications for NTHS include high academic achievement, outstanding attendance, good citizenship and leadership characteristics. Often, membership opens career and scholarship opportunities for Washburn Tech students.

Instructors are encouraged to nominate their outstanding students, although students may also nominate themselves. Nominees must be graduating from their program in May. If you qualify, ask your instructor for an application!

Fall 2018

  • Derek Blanchard, Graphics Technology
  • Emily Cain, Practical Nursing
  • Kimberly Carter, Practical Nursing
  • Mariah Cochran, Practical Nursing
  • Mary Dean-Ronin, Business Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Selene Gonzalez, Practical Nursing
  • Kaycee Hendricks, Practical Nursing
  • Shannon Hendrix, Practical Nursing
  • Haley Holthaus, Graphics Technology
  • Sarah Huddleston, Practical Nursing
  • Lydia Johnson, Practical Nursing
  • Juanita Llamas, Practical Nursing
  • Felicia McGlory, Practical Nursing
  • Crystal Nyambegera, Practical Nursing
  • Tyler Russell, Practical Nursing
  • Dana Schutter, Graphics Technology
  • Tyler Sparkman, Locomotive Diesel
  • Jennifer Turpin, Practical Nursing

Diane Stumpf, Advisor,
Office: 785.670.3448