Washburn Tech Drumline club preparing for a parade

Drumming Up Spirit

Feel the rhythm of the Washburn Tech campus by joining the Washburn Tech Stickabods, an industrial percussion ensemble. In its inaugural school year, this group of percussionists performs at various events from campus activities to the Career and Technical Education conferences in the state.

Percussionists use different parts of technical equipment, found on campus, as their instruments. They keep crowds entertained and involved. Don’t skip a beat! Learn more about trying out for this exciting group by contacting sponsors Emiliano Arzate at 785.670.3415 or Angie Mietchen at 785.670.2606.

Drum-Up a Scholarship 

If you are chosen to participate in the Washburn Tech Stickabods, you might be eligible to receive a scholarship. Both full-time and part-time students may apply. Ask our student services staff about additional information including eligibility requirements. 


Emiliano Arzate, Advisor, Emiliano.arzate@washburn.edu
Office: 785.670.3415

Angie Mietchen, Advisor, Angie.mietchen@washburn.edu
Office: 785.670.2606