Photograph of the Washburn Tech campus

Recreation & Wellness

Washburn Tech’s affiliation with Washburn University offers physical as well as mental development. The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) on the Washburn campus is open to all post-secondary students at Washburn Tech. Designed to enrich the quality of campus life, it provides awareness, education, opportunities and support resulting in enduring healthy lifestyle habits

Opportunities at SRWC

What can you do at SRWC? The center has a large menu of offerings, from a gymnasium and fitness loft to an indoor track and climbing wall. If you are looking for a group activity, try intramurals or exercise classes. SRWC is a valuable resource for those committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Visit SRWC

Click here to learn more about the opportunities at SRWC. If you have any questions, call 785.670.1314 or send an email to