Perhaps the greatest tribute to Washburn Tech is the success of our graduates. Students are trained by industry standards and prepared to earn industry credentials. We are confident that our students can meet your employment needs.

To post a job, go to witjobs.net. Click on the submit a job link and fill-out a simple form which includes job description, compensation and contact information. Instructors, in your field of expertise, will automatically be notified of all postings and then will share that information with their students. It is a free service provided by Washburn Tech.

New Opportunities

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Go to witjobs.net and click on the all jobs link. Dozens of new career opportunities from around the region are posted each week. 

New Graduates

Fall commencement exercises are set for Thursday, December 13, 2018.

We got skills!

Watch one of our students in action at national competition.