David Praiswater

“I teach technical education because it’s relevant to the future success of my students.  My goal is to impact the construction workforce by sending qualified and knowledgeable graduates to the industry through education and training.  I am looking to fill the void that will be left when workers decide to retire or do not return after the construction slowdown.  For my graduates, I want them to know the same kind of job security that generations experienced in the past. Like a valued member of my advisory committee says, you can’t outsource construction.”

A Passion for What I Do

I have a passion for teaching construction because it creates a real sense of pride among its workforce. No matter the size of the job, it is rewarding for all who were involved in the building project. I recall my own source of pride when I worked to help establish the foundation of the Curtis Building in downtown Topeka, Kan. In my role as a technical instructor, the greatest reward I can receive is when students discover their own passion for the construction industry and carve out a career for themselves.

Hands-On Instruction

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