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NOTO Partnership

The North Topeka Arts District (NOTO) is a hub of creativity in Topeka, but artists there needed hands-on help to renovate the historic space to fit the vision. Construction students worked on an artist’s studio, laying floor tile, painting, assessing climate control issues and other building restoration projects.

Washburn Tech graphic design students also are working with NOTO and laying out the organization’s monthly newsletter. Partnerships with high profile clients, such as NOTO, lead to more projects and more awareness of our programs in the community.

Needed In NOTO

For a Good Cause

Washburn Tech did a wonderful job in helping to fix my art studio and making it what it is today. They laid the floor tile, painted, checked on the air conditioning and worked on some other projects. I’m very pleased with the work. I felt so privileged to have the Washburn Tech students help me.

Barbara Waterman-Peters
Topeka artist in NOTO