Washburn Tech students in Auto Service Technician lab

Servicing Vehicles

Students in our Auto Service Technician program are ready to put their skills to work! Under the close watch of our instructors, advanced-level students perform a variety of repairs on cars and light trucks. All work is by appointment only and not all requests will be accepted. Start the process filling out the request form

Making a Request

Washburn Tech students and instructors will only service cars and light trucks that are ten years old or newer. The repairs being requested must fall in line with curriculum that is currently being covered in the classroom and lab. Areas of repair include:

  • Brakes (excluding some ABS work)
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Engine Cooling
  • Chassis & Accessory Electrical
  • Alignment and Suspension (check with instructor)
  • Engine Performance and Emissions
  • Mechanical Diagnosis & Limited Engine Repair (excluding head gaskets)

To make a repair request, fill out the request form. All work is by appointment only and determined by the instructor. A waiver form must be completed and on file. We will contact you if your vehicle is selected.