Josh Wilhelm

Institutional Research

What is Institutional Research?

Washburn Tech's Institutional Research (IR) office is responsible for several functions within Washburn University Institute of Technology. Those tasks include:

  • Gather, analyze, and report data for internal and external entities and purposes
  • Identify trends that may influence the success of the institution
  • Communicate to campus and external constituents regarding issues related to the institution
  • Provide consultation and research support services to faculty and staff who are conducting studies for the institution
  • Develop, coordinate, or assist with survey design, data collection and analysis, documentation and dissemination of findings for varied projects, including the following types:
    1. Institutional assessment and effectiveness
    2. Program review
    3. Student demographics and enrollment patterns
    4. Student completion and retention studies

It is helpful to understand that different reports created by the IR department might seem to be inaccurate when compared. Typically, this is not the case of one being "right" and one being "wrong", but, because the data sets have different criteria, sources, purposes, time frames and coverage, the data will sometimes differ.

Washburn Tech by the Numbers

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