Your Camera Explained

Menus, modes, buttons and switches on modern cameras can seem confusing. If you want to understand the major features of most cameras, and actually start using those features to have more control of your camera and images, this course is for you! It covers camera controls and includes shooting assignments.This is an "understand your camera" course. The next advancement is Photography I, which is a beginning photography course.

Photography I

Learn the basics of photography: composition rules, color balance, lens choices and how ISO, exposure control, shutter speed, f-stops, depth of field and lighting can all be precisely adjusted to create the images you want. Learn the "rules" of good photography and why those rules exist. This class is about making images with your camera. Students will have shooting assignments and reviews and gain a lot of information in a very short time. This class is not an explanation of camera automatic modes and menus; you will use Manual Mode in this class. Upon completion, students will be prepared to advance to Photography II.

Photography II

This course marks the beginning of Advanced Photography. Two main subjects of this short, five session course are the thought processes involved in creating greater, more meaningful images, the advanced understanding of light and lighting controls (studio, flash on location and available light) to achieve those powerful images. Learning what is presented in this class should continue to improve your photography skills.

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