Advanced Health Care Technology


Get into a high-demand field! Health care is expected to generate more new jobs than any other industry over the next several years. By becoming a CNA, you may work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctors’ offices, clinics or private homes. Under the direct supervision of a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, your goal is to meet the basic needs of patients. If you are a high school junior or senior, there is no need to wait!  Start your career in health care now at Washburn Tech.


Advanced Health Care Technology is designed for high school students who are preparing to become nurse aides. In this advanced program, you will take Human Development and Nutrition, two college courses that transfer to the universities listed below. They also are tuition-free for high school students which means a savings of hundreds of dollars. You still need to pay for the nurse aide license, books, scrubs and a technology fee. Post-secondary students may enroll in the program as well but only two courses, Human Development and Nutrition, are eligible for financial aid. The curriculum mirrors the basic program and introduces you to patient care skills, medical terminology and systems of the human body. Upon completing the 13 credit hour program, you will be prepared to earn a nurse aide certification. It also serves as the foundation for more advanced health care programs at Washburn Tech such as Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology.

Washburn University

  • HCT 131 (Human Development a WIT) = elective in School of Nursing
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = elective in School of Nursing

Kansas State University

  • HCT 131 (Human Development at WIT) = FSHS 110 Introduction to Human Development
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = HN 132 Basic Nutrition

University of Kansas

  • HCT 131 (Human Development at WIT) = ABSC S Human Development
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = HSES U Nutrition

Wichita State University

  • HCT 131 (Human Development at WIT) = PSY 325, Developmental Psychology, B4,KB
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = HS 2000, elective only

Pittsburg State University

  • HCT 131 (Human Development at WIT) = PSYCH Developmental Psychology
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = FCS 203 Nutrition and Health

Fort Hays State University

  • HCT 131 (Human Development at WIT) = TEEL231 - Human Growth and Development
  • HCT 141 (Nutrition at WIT) = Elective


Employment for nurse aides, orderlies and attendants will grow 11 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL). That is largely attributed to the long-term care needs of an aging population. According to the KDOL, the average entry-level salary for a CNA in 2017 is $10.47 an hour or $21,787 annually. The average wage is $11.90 an hour or $24,742 annually.


Annual wage / salary

Hourly wage

Entry $21,787 $10.47
Average $24,742 $11.90


  • Certified Nurse Aide or CNA


This program begins every January and August and is offered only to high school students.

Daytime Options:
M-F 8:00a—11:10a (1 semester pathway)