Career Counseling & Placement

Choosing a career is a big decision. Our career navigators will help you through the process, from exploring your options among our 38 career programs to mapping the pathway to success. Whether you are a post-secondary student or in high school, our navigators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Your education can be an easier journey with good guidance and a solid plan. Together, we’ll prepare a route that takes you where you want to go. Invest in yourself at Washburn Tech.

High School Students

At Washburn Tech, a career navigator is dedicated to meeting the needs of high school students. Our professionals work with you and your technical instructor to reach your educational goals, whether you’re headed directly for the workforce or wish to continue your education and earn degrees at Washburn University. Washburn Tech bridges the gap between high schools and technical training, serving as your connection to a successful career. A navigator will be assigned to you based on your program of study.

Post-Secondary Students

If you are a post-secondary student who is ready to join the workforce or change the work you do, Washburn Tech can help you make the move. Our career navigator, who is dedicated to post-secondary students, will assist you through the journey from career program to rewarding career. Whether you want to enter the workforce, get the next promotion or launch a whole new career, we will help steer your journey. A navigator will be assigned to you based on your program of study.