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National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is designed to lift up students, who are excelling in career and technical education, and raise the bar for student achievement. Qualifications for NTHS include high academic achievement, outstanding attendance, good citizenship and leadership characteristics. Often, membership opens career and scholarship opportunities for Washburn Tech students.

group one from Spring '17 induction

group two of NTHS inductees for Spring '17

Spring 2017

  • Adrian Appelhanz, Building Technology
  • Adrianna Arancibia, Practical Nursing
  • Mary Ash, Practical Nursing
  • Dalton Barnett, Cabinet/Millwork
  • Patricia Bartlett, Practical Nursing
  • Andrew Bayless, Jr., Diesel Technology
  • Dawsyn Birtell, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Amber Bjarnason, Surgical Technology
  • Krystal Bowser, Practical Nursing
  • Kyle Boyles, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Jordan Brinker, Auto Collision
  • Stacey Broers, Practical Nursing
  • Anita Chase, Practical Nursing
  • Jessica Clark, Practical Nursing
  • Breanna Davis, Early Childhood Professional
  • Shelly Finn, Practical Nursing
  • Nevada Finton-Millis, Graphics Technology
  • Lisa Flerlage, Practical Nursing
  • Kathryn Fox, Practical Nursing
  • Lindsay Frye, Practical Nursing
  • Shawn Green, Auto Collision
  • Meladee Griffith, Practical Nursing
  • Katherine Hertlein, Practical Nursing
  • Nicole Hoss, Surgical Technology
  • Ashlee Hunt, Early Childhood Professional
  • Chezney Hunter, Surgical Technology
  • John Hurr, Advanced Systems Technology
  • Irene Hysten, Medical Office Specialist
  • Josiah Jackson, Advanced Systems Technology
  • Bryan Kelly, Advanced Systems Technology
  • Kolton Kirkwood, Machine/Tool Technology
  • Johnathan Kooser, Commercial & Heavy Construction
  • Heather Limke, Surgical Technology
  • Timothy Lippold, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Kevin Lorson, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Janna Mahner, Legal Office Professional
  • Torri Marney, Surgical Technology
  • Timothy Martin, Jr., Auto Collision
  • Wesley McDonough, Surgical Technology
  • Lauren McNary, Practical Nursing
  • Joshua Musick, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Janara Narsh, Practical Nursing
  • Rachel Neiman, Surgical Technology
  • Christina Noland, Graphics Technology
  • Glorianna Noland, Graphics Technology
  • Josiah Packard, Technical Drafting
  • Shawn Ploszay, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Terry Ralston, Jr., Graphics Technology
  • John Richardson, Heavy Diesel Construction Technology
  • Jonah Sargent, Cabinet/Millwork
  • Bartholomew Solbach, Computer Repair & Networking
  • Teagan Thompson, Medical Office Specialist
  • Andrea Tipton, Graphics Technology
  • Blessing Velasquez, Early Childhood Professional
  • Ellie Walker, Graphics Technology
  • Amy Weber, Practical Nursing
  • Carole Williams, Practical Nursing
  • Eric Wineinger, Advanced Systems Technology
  • Matthew Zacharias, Commercial & Heavy Construction
  • Wynter Ziegler, Building Technology

Diane Stumpf, Advisor,
Office: 785.670.3448