Photography I

This course will teach the basics of photography. It will focus on camera basics like aperture and shutter speeds to get the correct exposure. You will focus on what makes a good image, composition, texture, lighting and color. Some PhotoShop software training will be realized.

Sports Photography

Catch the action on the field, in the arena or wherever action is taking place. This course is designed to show you how to achieve the best possible sports photos. Lighting, weather, proper camera handling and exposures will all be covered by this course. Hands-on exercises are designed to enhance your skills. Prerequisites: Photography I or approval by the instructor.

Creating Greater Images

Great photographs are “created” in the mind and “captured” with the camera. Now that you can control your camera, learn the advanced photo knowledge that will separate you, and your images, from the rest of the photographers. This class centers on “the thought process” of creating great images, and learning the advanced technical knowledge enabling you to capture those images with the camera and lens. Prerequisites: Knowledge of camera and exposure controls as listed above.

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