Business Technology

Beginning QuickBooks Pro 2015

Learn how to set up your company, navigate menus and lists, track bank accounts and credit card, invoice customers and make deposits, enter and pay bills, and helpful shortcuts. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Modify and present chart of accounts, Add information to company lists, or edit information in company lists, Open and use registers for any QuickBooks balance sheet, Track credit card transfers, Invoice customers, Create sales orders, Generate customers statements and Receive payments from customers and make bank deposits.

Advanced QuickBooks Pro 2015

Learn more advanced features, including setting up and managing payroll, inventory, estimates and job costing, sales and payroll taxes, budgeting, and printing reports. At the end of the session the attendee will be able to: Write QuickBooks checks and assign amounts to specific expense accounts, Work with assets and liability accounts, Create custom graphs and reports, Save reports in pdf format, Export files, Set up inventory and build finished goods, Track and pay sales tax, Create estimates and do progress invoicing, Track time and mileage and Pay nonemployees for time worked.

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